About Beautiatelier

Beautiatelier — Downtown Toronto's epitome of eyelash artistry, conveniently located at 25 Capreol Court, M5V 3Z7. Our studio celebrates the elegance and individuality of every woman through our expertly tailored eyelash services.

Beautiatelier is your personal canvas of beauty.

Meet the founders

Meet Brynne and Mo Naderi, the dynamic duo behind Beautiatelier; the go-to eyelash studio in Downtown Toronto. With years of industry experience and a shared passion for beauty.
Brynne has years of experience in the beauty industry and lash artistry, and Mo in business development and customer service.

Our promise to you

We commit to a personalized beauty experience that highlights your individuality and enhances your natural charm. As always if you were not satisfied with any of our services, it's on us.

About Beautiatlier

After receiving any service from the Beautiverse, we’ll be always available to you, so if have any questions, or need anything, we’ll assist you.


Beautiatelier eyelash studio was founded in early 2022. Since then We've been able to serve hundreds of lash clients in downtown Toronto.

We are a specialized eyelash services studio in city place, downtown, Toronto, providing the finest eyelash extensions with 2-week durability warranty. We guarantee our customers satisfaction, so that if you were not satisfied after the service, it's on us.